FKT: Glenn Davies - Worcestershire Way (United Kingdom) - 2022-12-03

Route variation
Out and back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
15h 33m 48s
GPS track(s)

Starting at bewdley I ran the Worcestershire way fully supported both ways. A very boggy/icy conditions with the temps not rising about 10 all day which made it a tough graft. 

i had a support runner one way then two for the way back and cps at ankerdine hill a drop bag at suckley, another Cp on top of the 100 steps ready for the climb onto the hills. 

I ran to the end of the Worcestershire way had a change of clothes socks etc refuelled/hydrated then we headed back off to bewdley! 

on this run I went wrong 3 times which is shown on the strava route but I immediately corrected myself not losing much time 30 seconds each time if that. 

abberley hall school I had a Cp waiting before we headed off for the last 10miles into bewdley where you can see in the Facebook link above I had a small team waitin for me. 

I will be back for the summer round and for anybody wanting to run this and needs support I’d love to help you out wherever that be a support runner or a simple Cp. 

rounding off the Worcestershire way is gorgeous and I will be back very soon. Thank you :)