FKT: Grace Long - Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (VT) - 2020-07-07

Route variation
St Johnsbury - Danville
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
3h 48m 22s

In order to complete this out-and-back style route unsupported, I first took my bike and locked it up at the St. Johnsbury end of the rail trail as my “shuttle” then drove to the West Danville end to begin my run on the gravel trail. The morning was warm and humid but had a cool breeze, the run was an uncomplicated 16.3 miles winding first by a lake and later through farm country and beautiful VT forest. I began around 9 am which was later than intended. I refilled two approx. half liter UD soft water bottles around mile 11 at a natural spring and purified with aquamira. Utilized only spring energy gels for nutrition. Although not technically part of the FKT, the bike ride back to the car did not go as smoothly. I anticipated the flat travel to go quickly and did not bring adequate food to fuel that aspect of the trip, became woozy as a result and had to stop several times to sit on the ground/take a break. Ultimately purchased sustenance at a gas station during my bike ride back to the vehicle (post-FKT).