FKT: Graham Connolly - Three Lochs Way - 2020-03-22

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4h 30m 1s
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All the races are off in the UK at the moment including my target races later in the year. thought i would try and squeeze in some sort of achievement before we go into full lock-down. I wanted a challenge so I checked out your website and noticed one of my local trails had an FKT route on it but no time recorded against it. Would have been rude not to lay one down! I'd like to get a time against it as I think it will be a good way of motivating my friends and competition to keep training even though all of the races over here could be off for the year. We'll be back out running ourselves a lot sooner than we will be congregating in large groups to race so thought having a crack at this time could be something people could train for and attempt a lot sooner than they will be able to race. I decide to have a go at the route with a few days notice so there's no big coverage or report at the moment. It was a pretty low-key affair.


Hi, I just ran the 3 Lochs Way. A brilliant day and fantastic adventure. Been thinking about it for ages and ran it as soon as lockdown and ran from North to South. I took just over 9 hours which shows you just how fast Graham's FKT is. This is my longest run to date, a huge learning experience and am now looking forward to my next long run.

I've only been running for 4 years and this is a wee bit better than my first run which was to the lamppost at the end of the street. Have a go folks.