FKT: Graham Law - Epping Forest Challenge Walk (UK) - 2019-05-18

Route variation
Standard route
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Finish date
Total time
3h 9m 28s

The GPS route on the LDWA website has some straight lines over the forest section and I put this done to trees blocking the signal. When in the forest the route follows a well used horse bridleway so I continued to use this during the straight line parts and ended up in the place where I expected to be when arriving at Chingford plains.

There is a section at Breach Barns where the public footpath goes through a nursery and the route is not clear. At the end of a nursery is a driveway with a sign that says private property. The public footpath goes through and I confirmed this with a local. After running through this part you will sign the public football signpost on the left of a showjumping field.