FKT: Grayce Langheine - Conestoga Trail (PA) - 2020-03-27

Route variation
Standard route
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
21h 46m 50s

Trip report:

Every time I saw my crew, I would have them throw my Garmin watch on the charger. Somehow, around mile 54, my watch stopped and saved my activity. I had to start a new activity. Next time it was charging, it totally froze up. Gave it to my crew to charge, and used strava to track my route for a little less than a mile. Saw them again, and my watch was fixed. Used it to track the last 10-ish miles and finished with 4% battery, too scared to put it back on the charger. Note that all miles are tracked - just broken up into four files.

Mileage: My final mileage is 68.4 miles with the trail measuring 63-ish miles. I had to backtrack several times where I had missed turns. I was careful to always backtrack to the exact spot where I had went off course.

This was an awesome first FKT. I was able to grab the FKT only because there's no female record yet. I hope another lady will come along and crush my time soon! :)