FKT: Greg Bradley - Rochdale Canal Towpath (United Kingdom) - 2021-02-20

Gender category
Route variation
one way
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 36m 52s
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Afternoon all! #RED489
Rochdale canal, Sowerby Bridge to Manchester City Centre. 55km, 34 miles. Andy Steel , many many thanks! And George Bradley for turning out for the last 13 km.
So, my previous furthest run was 20 miles, I have been keeping this up my sleeve for a while, I think I told a few people in an effort to force myself to get it done! GPS route said dead on 50km, so the old PTI jedi mind tricks arw still in full effect! Don't take to much notice of the last few splits, although I did speed up when the finish line was in sight, I dont think I was doing 6 min miles! A lot.of the last bit is underground so maybe there was issues with GPS.
Also, this is yet to be confirmed, but it should be the Fasteat Known Time  for this route! I registered the route with and no one else had registered a time so I should be the record holder! I doubt it will last as this is a very beatable time, and my aim was just to finish!
The marathon time was dead on 5 hours, slower than I wanted but finally a line in the sand to beat!
Absolute thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the comments and likes! It really did spur me on, and trust me, there were times I could have quit, it bloody hurt!