FKT: Greg Cunningham - Lassen to Brokeoff Ridge Traverse (CA) - 2023-10-07

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5h 51m 54s
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This one has been on my list for years but schedule, fires, pandemics, snow etc... have made me wait.  Finally got out there on a perfect fall day.  I chose to go counter clockwise and climb the lassen peak trail first to beat the crowds.  I had a feeling I cold improve on this time quite a bit as I feel one of my strengths is chossy ridgelines.  This ridgeline is actually beautiful, efficient and much less loose than expected.  Quite a bit of runnable terrain, and although Hardrath talks of 4th (and even low 5th) terrain, I found nothing more difficult than 3rd class, primarily on Pilot and Brokeoff.  The trail on the South side of the road is kindof tediuos through the recent burn, but still necessary for aesthetics of the loop I think.  I chose to cut the corner by Crumbaugh lake like Jason did, and although steep and off trail, I think it was still faster.  Agree that this time can be closer to 5 hours.  A truly worthy route that I hope gets more attention