FKT: Greg Gogolin - Sand Lakes Quiet Area Pathway (MI) - 2020-12-02

Route variation
Standard loop
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 5m 44s

38 degrees and overcast, 14 mph wind.

The FKT attempt started and finished at the Sand Lakes Quite Area on Broomhead Road just north of Sand Lake Road.   The official start and end point is obtained by touching the green pole.  One hand is on the green pole when I started the watches at the beginning of the run and the green pole is touched with one hand before stopping the watches at the end of the run. I ran with two watches – a Garmin 945 and an Apple Series 6 running the Nike Run Club App.  The Garmin 945 was the official watch and the Apple was used for verification.  I submit the distance as 7.57 miles and the time was 1:05:44 or one hour five minutes and forty four seconds. The course map is visible next to the time in the submitted photo.

The route from the green pole was to enter the trail system at waypoint #1, continuing through waypoint #2 and turning right at waypoint #3.  Continue on south through waypoint #4 to waypoint #20. In this section there is a stream crossing that comes out of LK 3 (Sand Lake 3).  Rather than run through the stream I took the bushwhack trail to the left (east, toward LK 3) about 50 feet and crossed the logs over the stream.  I then took the bushwhack trail back to the main trail and continued on to waypoint #20.  From waypoint #20 I went past waypoint #19 and turned left (NW) at waypoint #18 and continued on to waypoint #17.  This part of the trail is winding single track.  At waypoint #17 I turned left (north) and ran past waypoints 16, 13, and 12. This area included a muddy flooding, which I ran through. When I reached waypoint #11 I turned left onto the single track to waypoint #10.  From waypoint #10 I ran past waypoints 9, 7 and 5 to waypoint #3.  I turned right and ran past waypoints 2 and 1 and touched the green pole.  Again, touching the green pole at the start is when I started my watch and after touching the green pole at the finish is when I stopped my watch.

The display had to be scrolled slightly to view the time while also keeping the bottom half of the course in view.  I started the Apple watch before the Garmin and stopped the Garmin before the Apple watch, hence the three second difference in time.  The Apple is touch screen and my fingers were sweaty so took a few touches to complete the timing cycle.

I ran alone, carried on SIS gel, no water.