FKT: Greg Kroleski, Abram Elwell - Tiger Mountain Trail (WA) - 2021-05-29

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 10m 23s
GPS track(s)

We noticed there wasn't a male unsupported FKT on the out and back since Ben had dropped water bottles at the turnaround and was therefore self-supported. The two of us took off at 6am from the High Point trailhead, turned around at the road on the other end and finished in 7:10.

Note we added ~30 minutes due to getting a bit lost just south of Tiger Middle Summit due to some trail changes. The old trail has been decommissioned and the newer trail segment made our watches yell that we were off course. We went back and tried another way which was also wrong before realizing the old trail was pretty well buried. We took the old trail going south but had to bushwhack a bit to get to a logging road. Talking it over we realized no one was going to be able to take the old trail anymore so we might as well be the first ones to record an FKT on the new track (which, it turns out, is closed for the season as well right now...). Our return trip was on the new trail, but without breadcrumbs for it, we made another wrong turn while trying to get on it.

The time isn't great, especially with having dealt with course confusion, so we might attempt to improve it later. We wanted to get an FKT submitted nonethless in case there was any debate about how to handle the new trail vs old trail - the new one is about 0.25 miles shorter each way so it might justify splitting the records.