FKT: Greg Nance - Aruba Traverse (Aruba) - 2022-01-01

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 8m 24s

Began at the coast below Sero Colorado lighthouse at Aruba’s southeastern terminus. Clocked in and scrambled up the steep basalt flow past the lighthouse and onto dirt roads before taking a right onto Sero Colorado road, following it through San Nicolaas. Hooked right at the roundabout onto Sabana Basora and followed it past the Spanish Lagoon and donkey sanctuary. Onto highway 4 through Santa Cruz past Hoiberg then right at the roundabout onto Shaba and Noord past the Salina Bird Sanctuary and West Punt before left onto coastal path over Malmok Beach and Arashi Beach and California Lighthouse. Finished with a toe in the Caribbean. Beware cactus-barbed sand dunes on the homestretch!

Ran the Aruba Traverse to celebrate ten years sober. Really special journey!