FKT: Greg Nance - Cuba Traverse (Caribbean Sea to Gulf of Mexico) - 2023-01-02

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7h 45m 55s

Began with a foot in the Caribbean at sunrise and kept running north til I dipped my toes in the Gulf of Mexico! (Gulf of Batabano to Straits of Florida for fellow geography nerds)

31.7 miles in 7h46m but heat + humidity made it feel farrr longer. 

A wonderful adventure and tour of the Cuban countryside. Passed numerous friendly farmers (many wielding machete + cigar) and roadside vendors “buen dia!”, crowing roosters, and workhorses while struggling north. Lots of Fidel murals too — tho reverence for the founding revolutionary is both an urban and rural phenomena here.

Gracias to Brooks for the Glycerin 20’s. They held up great over the cracked concrete, playa, and off-road segments too. 

Muchas muchas gracias to Ariel — my support crew and lifeline. Ariel is a talented runner from Havana so he prepped a cooler + navigation tips + lots of historical fun facts that helped me forget my heavy legs.

Vamos 2023!! 🇨🇺💪