FKT: Greg Nance - Huangpu River, End-to-End (Shanghai, China) - 2019-09-29

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17h 26m 34s

Began with toes dipped at the Huangpu River's scientific source, Dianshan Lake, and followed Zhutian Road next to the Lanlugang River tributary. Continued along waterfront paths along the Maohe River tributary before cutting into the Songjiang District via Kunmao Highway and Wenxiang Road where I followed canals eastward in the direction of river flow. I reach the Huangpu River's hook at the intersection of Dongchuan and Longwu roads where I began running north parallel the river. After crossing the S20 interstate highway I got onto the Bund Riverfront Trail which I followed for the next 19km before crossing Suzhou Creek then followed several roads through industrial zones in river's final 25km — Daming Road, Dongdaming Road, Yangshupu Road, Jungong Road, and Songbao Roads before concluding the 118.8 run at the National Wetland Park with toes dipped in the Yangtze River, signifying the Huangpu's terminus!

To celebrate my 31st birthday, set out to become the first person to run China's iconic Huangpu River source to sea :-)

Total elapsed time was 17:26:34. Admittedly, was hopelessly lost a few times (navigating early tributaries under cover of darkness was quite tricky) and many of the trails were little more than bush-whacked loops. My final mile took over an hour because much of the coast is militarized so I was refused entry until happening upon the National Wetland Park.