FKT: Greg Nance - JFK - LGA (NY) - 2019-06-26

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1h 27m 45s
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The weather was extra muggy so a late morning start wasn't a smart move but I got super lucky with the lights — only stuck behind five red lights for any extended period :-) 


NYC FKT = Mission Accomplished! Fastest Known Time between JFK and LaGuardia Airport is now 1:27:45 ?? Departing JFK Terminal 7 takes you straight onto the Expressway which was terrifying and strong incentive to move fast. Legs responded well to the heat (88F/32C) and gentle slope as I rolled thru Queens and reeled in LaGuardia. Totally lucked out with green lights and only got stopped in 5 crosswalks during the 11 mile journey. Feeling great because everything clicked on #NYCFKT #FastestKnownTime 
Now for burger + shake + nap ?