FKT: Greg Nance - Kitsap Peninsula Traverse (WA) - 2022-02-19

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13h 42m 3s

Set out to run Kitsap Peninsula south (Longbranch on the Key Peninsula) to northern tip (Foulweather Bluff in Hansville).

Began at the southern tip at Longbranch near Devil's Head. Took Key Peninsula Highway north for ten miles and continue on backroads, Sunnyslope, Highway 3, Sherman Heights, Chico Way, Viking Way, Bond Road, Highway 104, Hansville Road, and Hood Canal Drive to reach Foulweather Bluff. 

There are several logging roads and backroads that can help shave distance and time though require more advanced navigation than my pay grade :-) 

My pals Andy and Julie came out to pace me for a few key miles (thank you!) then my parents brought hot coffee and a jacket when the rains came howling (thank you)!

Great adventure and a great chance to see Kitsap's full character.