FKT: Greg Nance - Kuala Lumpur Airport - Petronas Towers (Malaysia) - 2019-10-21

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9h 9m 31s

Headed north from KL International Airport on the shoulder of E6 highway, exited onto Persiaran Komersial before getting onto B20 highway, the 29, B18, and B15 highways, past the Putrajaya International Convention Center, onto Jalan Tun Hussein road, Lebuh Bestari avenue, Persiaran Timur expressway, 30 highway, north on Jalan Kolei Pertanian Serdang, Jalan Pongamia, Jalan Raya 7, Jalan 315, highway 3215, onto E9 highway, then Jalan Sungai Besi, Jalan Pudu, Jalan Sultan Ismail, onto Jalan P Ramlee, and finally arriving at the Petronas Twin Towers!

Trip report:

I mapped the route and largely navigated by Apple Maps. Was led astray a couple times by closures on account of construction. Opted to gradually snake north and tried to stay off the serpent-laden trails after an early encounter :-)

This was part 2 of the "Double Durian" so I started the run right after my flight landed from Singapore so legs were a little tight and it was a struggle start to finish while hauling 11kg rucksack (very slowly) over Kuala Lumpur's rolling hills.