FKT: Greg Nance - Lake Washington Loop (WA) - 2021-07-05

Route variation
Donut: Loop + Mercer Island 100k
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
12h 8m 37s

Set out 6:15am on Monday, July 5th from Saint Edward State Park above Lake Washington and began heading south along Juanita Drive then onto Market Street through Kirkland. Followed Lake Washington Boulevard and Bellevue Way through Bellevue then onto I-90 trail to reach Mercer Island. Ran N Mercer, W Mercer, E Mercer loop (lots of vert, ouch!) then exited the island via I-90 trail before continuing south along Lake Washington Loop trail through New Port and Renton. Began heading north along Rainier Ave before re-joining Lake Washington Boulevard. Crossed Portage Bay using the Montlake Terrace Bridge then ran along Sand Point Way before jumping onto the Burke-Gilman Trai and Bothell Way to complete the lap at Saint Edward State Park.

I carried my Osprey Duro 15 ruck with provisions and stopped at an AmPm and 7-Eleven for Gatorade. Legs felt heavy the whole way so really struggled in the hills. Beautiful skies with views of Rainier so couldn't feel too sorry for myself :-) will try the donut loop again in hopes of landing the overall FKT!