FKT: Greg Olesiak - E-4 Sougia - Chora Sfakion (Crete) - 2023-11-03

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9h 19m 35s
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This trail route is located in the south-west part of Crete. The route has a very mountainous character and is extremely technically difficult, mainly due to the huge amount of stones. It has a beautiful view, the Mediterranean Sea is almost always visible on one side and the high mountains on the  other (the highest peak of the White Mountains - Pachnes (2453) is only 8 km in a straight line from the coast.
I started November 3, 2023 at 6:45 from Sougia. I was running alone, I even met nobody on entire route, not even one preson! The route does not cross any asphalt road, the only way to get to any point on the route is this narrow path or ferry. There are three tourist villages on the route, but in this time of the year almost everything is abondomene there. I took water and food with me, but in Agia Roumeli in the middle of the course I menage to buy a bottle of coca-cola (in taverna wich was just closing its activity for all  winter), so according definition it was self-support attampt. I know this region, I was hiking and running all this course or some sections many times before. 
More information about this amazing path you can find on my website about Greece.