FKT: Gregory Wagner - Telescope Peak from Shorty's Well (CA) - 2014-02-17

Route variation
round trip from Shortys Well
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
9h 30m 48s

On Monday, February 17th, I made what appears to be the first (known) attempt at a "fast" time for this route.  This could be called an "Only Known Time".  Starting from Shorty's Well, I ran and hiked to the summit, taking about 6h10m, and then ran down (nearly continuously) in 3h20m.  My total time was 9:30:48.  A time which does justice to this classic route should be less than 8 hours, I think, and faster times are probably possible.  However, I have found or heard or no other "runs" of this route.  A GPS track of my route can be found here:

You will see that on my ascent, I was not aware of the easiest way to access the ridge above Hanupah Canyon and so I left the canyon a little too early.  On the way down I was able to follow cairns.

It is perhaps worth noting that Death Valley contains almost endless opportunities for "efficient" cross-country travel, and the weather is most favorable in December in January when mountains of comparable scale (of which there are few) cannot be visited on foot.  The desert is harsh and waterless, but beautiful beyond words.  For those well-versed in desert travel, the sublime and profound await.  There are massive mountain ranges, spectacular, rugged canyons, and fantastic landforms.  The wilderness is vast.