FKT: Guillaume Audette - Corridor Aérobique (QC, Canada) - 2022-11-13

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 11m 42s

2 days prior to this FKT, I ran a few KM with Stehanie Simpson on her FKT aroubd the island of Montreal. It motivates me to one day try myself on this type of challenge. I slipped a word to my friend André who clearly already had in mind this 56 km segment of the Aerobic Corridor in the Laurentians.

Twenty-four hours later, we set off to attack the segment as a team and in “unsupported” mode. My girlfriend and my boy come to take us to Amherst at the beginning of the corridor. For me everything worked, the stars aligned. André had a rough patch and let me go around the marathon distance. I finish strong on the last 13 km to Morin Heights in 4H:11m for my first fkt but clearly not my last. I loved the course, Gravel all the way, magnificent landscapes and just enough elevation.

I didn’t receive any support at all durint my run, carrying a few gels and 2L of water. But because we started as a team and that I finished alone I register this FKT as supported. The weather was great for a run, no snow on the ground and around 2-3 degrees Celsius.