FKT: Halie Kastl - Bell Mountain Loop Trail (MO) - 2022-07-30

Route variation
Standard Loop
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Total time
3h 1m 24s
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Completed the bell mountain loop July 30th (27 celsius, 50% humidity). Lemme tell ya, I don't recommend anyone doing this trail in the summer. I think every spider in southern Missouri had made their home directly on the path. This slowed progress quite a bit, but not by nearly as much as the 20+ downed trees also in the path. I ended up adding an additional ~.5 mile total to the route just to get around the piles of trees. 

Bear spray should be a requirement for anyone attempting this route, as I startled a pack of wild boars in the creek area. Boars can be VERY aggressive and I got lucky they ran away, instead of fighting. 

This route has the potential to be fun, but a large amount of trail maintenance needs to be completed to make this route 'runnable'.