FKT: Haneul Lee - John Muir Trail via Whitney Portal (CA) - 2023-09-19

Route variation
north to south
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5d 0h 13m 15s
GPS track(s)

Since 2018, I've experienced amazing views of the JMT and I've got  this trail's FKT my one of dream. I tried JMT FKT last year (2022) on northbound, but I taken 125hours and It's enough to me just attempt to FKT. 

After that attempt, I've prepared JMT FKT again, but there were many problems in this year. Especially it's breaking record of snow year, I've worried about the snow-pack conditions on the Sierras. I couldn't anything except just waiting for snow-free. Finally I started my new attempt for JMT FKT in September. 

I started at 03:00 AM on 9/14 at Happy Isles in the Yosemite NP. Day one went quite not bad. I passed Tuolumne Meadows and over Donohue Pass and stopped around Devils Postpile area.

Day two started at 02:00 AM. I hiked Silver pass and keep going my journey near bear creek area. I just want to keep my hiking but I couldn't because too sleep. I thought I hit some serious sleep deprivation at that time. 

Day three also started at 02:00 AM.  I passed Selden pass and Muir Pass that day. I worried about snow conditions on the pass especially Muir Pass, fortunately I passed Muir pass 05;00 PM around, It's not too hard to got through. 

Day Four started at 03:30 AM. The temperature of night and dawn was so cold, so my pace was not good. I worried about my pace that getting slow than my expectation. I just kept my hiking with trust myself. 

Day Five started but I was left Glen, Forester and Mt Whitney. 
My goal of this attempt FKT is under 110 or 120hours, I felt I couldn't possible this goals. However I didn't give up myself and just keep going my JMT journey. Finally I stood on Top of the Mount Whitney at 10:00PM. It was a little bit hard to climb up, because there were big snow pack on the mountains. And I started down to Whitney portal, It also hard to hike there were snow and darkness on the trail. I ran down to Whitney portal to arrive under the 120hours, but I got over 13minutes. 

John Muir Trail always give to me amazing. Attempt FKT is hard but it also very special experience to me. I really appreciate to amazing nature of JMT and the other hikers and runners with attempting these kind of journey. 

see you on the trail.