FKT: Hannah Brown - Scotland Crossing, Ardgay - Ullapool (United Kingdom) - 2023-04-16

Route variation
Standard point-to-point
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
9h 40m 43s
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I set off from Ardgay at 8.30am on Sunday 16th April, 2023 with my friend Rachel on her bike. I carried all my own food and water, Rachel had her own food/water and bike repair stuff. 

It was smooth going until we reached Croick church, at which point Rachel got a flat tyre. Her spare inner tubes did not work, but thankfully a pair of very kind cyclist went by who happened to have a spare innertube that she could have. Eventually it was fixed and we were able to continue.

We saw a golden eagle over the valley as we went. 

Navigation was pretty straight forward and we ran into our lovely friends from earlier who were on the return from the Schoolhouse Bothy. Just before we reached the bothy, we met another pair of cyclists who we stopped to chat to briefly. We had a nosey in the bothy and spoke to the man who was staying there, who was very keen to give us a blow by blow account of his time on the Cape Wrath Trail. We continued on, getting a bit slow through the bogs and crossing the river. The weather started to turn, and there was a smattering of rain. Still very pleasant though. 

At the East Rhidrroch bothy, we once again stopped to have a nose around the bothy before continuing. After some enjoyable running downhill for a change, we became very excited to see some sign of civilisation. I ran down the lochside, struggling a bit by now. The weather had returned to it's previous wonderful state and it made for a beautiful time.

Coming down into Ullapool, we got a bit muddled but finally followed the river to the sea. We had made it at last!