FKT: Hannah Ryder - Dog Mountain (WA) - 2022-06-01

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1h 9m 29s

What a fun effort! I started at the big map/trail info sign in the parking lot of the main trailhead. I ran up past the viewpoint to the true summit and then back to the sign at the bottom. I did the attempt on a Wednesday afternoon on June 1st so there weren't a ton of people but a few. The wildflowers were incredible at the top - I've only ever run this route in the winter.

There was no women's FKT time posted on the website for this route and somehow, no strava segment straight up/down that the previous men's FKT follows. I had hiked to the viewpoint and back down a few years back so made a new strava segment that followed the men's FKT. After it autopopulated, I saw Amy Sproston had the fastest strava time in 1:16 so I figured this was the time to beat. 

One of the men previously said this was a quad burner and that was 100% accurate. I was more concerned about the ascent to the top but it was the descent that had my legs burning more, I think. Normally I do repeats on this route (in a much slower time per lap) so it was fun to attempt a fast one!