FKT: Harrison Redepenning - Medicine Bow Peak Loop (WY) - 2020-10-08

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 24m 11s
GPS track(s)

Definitely hardest effort / thing I’ve ever done.

Mile 0-1: hard to breath and straight elevation gain. Borderline wanted to quit after the first mile
Mile 1-2: leveled out, more single track trail and was consist ups and downs rather than just straight uphill
Mile 2-3: fell but caught myself so no battle wounds, more climbing and beginning of the boulder fields
Mile 3-3.8: reached the peak feeling strong and it was GORG. Grateful to have found the trail this tome around
Mile 3.8-5: began the descent. Honestly was harder than the climb. Terrified of rolling an ankle
Mile 5-6: single tracks, still scared of rolling an ankle but finally able to start moving
Mile 6-7: reached the smooth, clear path area and began to really cook to the finish.

Very proud of myself for finally attempting an FKT. We will see if it counts