FKT: Harry Hayde - Wichita - Valley Center Floodway (KS) - 2020-06-27

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6h 3m 53s
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This was a long slog of a run. Had a friend meet me at mile 19 to pace the final portion of the run. He brought me water to refill etc. This was a lot tougher than I had initially thought as the floodway is completely overgrown. At some places it was like running through bushes ha. Didn't have to resupply for food as I took 5 Maurten gels and a cliff bar which was sufficient. Weather started nice in the low 80s but cranked up to "Feels like 97" causing a long slow finish. If I do this again it'll be in the fall or spring for better weather conditions. 

I'd highly recommend the next person that takes it on train for ankle stability as the ground on this one can get severely unstable. I luckily only had one instance of almost rolling my ankle.