FKT: Heidi Nydam - Rucu Pichincha (Ecuador) - 2024-02-12

Route variation
Round-Trip via Teleferiqo Trail
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 27m 54s
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This was my first ever attempt at an FKT and also my first attempt at Cruzloma and Rucu Pinchincha. I am a soccer player, avid runner, backpacking guide, and general appreciator of the outdoors originally from Ithaca, NY, but now adventuring around Bates College in Maine, and this semester around Ecuador. 

My friends and I went to Rucu Pinchincha and they rode the teleferico cable car up while I started the ascent from the base of Cruzloma. I didn't have some of my favorite gear that were back in the states including my camel back, trekking poles, and rx bars, but we made it with some tortillas prepared this morning. Generally did really minimal preparation and interacted with almost no one else (except almost getting hit by some bmx bikers on their way down) during this trip. It was a great hike/run; always fun to push your physical and mental limits, especially solo, although I was slightly disappointed in my ascent times. Ecuadorian landscape is incredible, always meshing from jungle to extreme volcanic rock.