FKT: Helen Galerakis - Acropolis to Poseidon's Temple (Greece) - 2021-02-26

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6h 41m 38s

I woke up at 5am to beat the traffic and the heat.  I arrived at the starting point at the Acropolis about 630am and timed the sunrise perfectly with the view of Acropolis lit up at night and then the sun rising over the city.  I set off for through the streets of Athens and was lucky with most of the traffic lights.  Fortunately there is a side road that runs parallel to the main road so I could avoid running by the highway most of the time until I reached the coast.  I was feeling good despite my lack of training and the first 10 miles went well.  There was my cousin for my first scheduled pit stop for the day with water and gels.  Then the for next 75% I had the beautiful blue Aegean Sea to my right and the mountains to my left.  With the weather changing to warmer climes I could start to smell the plants of the mountain.  With the sun shining, I had a wide grin for the rest of my run.  My friend joined me on her bike for parts of the remaining 20 miles.  The first couple of miles on the coastal road I had to have my wits about me with very little hard shoulder but after that it was fine.  The final 4 miles were brutal as I could see Poseidon's temple in the distance but it didn't seem to get any closer and then on tired legs came the uphill section.  Finished strong and renewed my energy at temple.