FKT: Helen Newman - Staunton Way (United Kingdom) - 2023-02-11

Route variation
Standard Loop
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Total time
3h 31m 24s
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I’m not sure if I got lucky or the hard work at the gym is paying off but that was a great run and would have been a marathon PB (was a 30km PB). Started off well, different shoe lacing felt good and new thin socks didn’t bother me. It was going a bit too good to be true until I hit Staunton Park/Havant area and the gpx was so far off the actual route I spent at least 5 minutes going round in circles including up and down Havant Park Run slope, yep you know the one! GPX probably needs updating, happy to help plot out the correct route. 

Easy parking on the layby just outside QE, good toilets there too. Was worried about ending with the hills but it worked out really well, the run down past Ditcham Park School is one of my favourites and then once I got past Havant I was on the home stretch, kind of. A chance to pick up some delicious homemade flapjacks at Buriton from outside a house (for just £1!) but I resisted! 

Half a hot cross bun with jam and PB and 1 gel consumed on route. Not enough water for sure! Returned with a Cliff bar, 1/2 hot cross bun and 500ml of water.