FKT: Henry Hampton - Bell Mountain Loop Trail (MO) - 2020-11-26

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 10m 5s

The FKT ninja strikes again!

Bell Mountain is a sweet spot, and I did not see anyone all day on Thanksgiving, perfect! I ate an entire Pumpkin Pie afterwards to refuel!

Weather: The clouds were numerous that morning and I though it might be a muddy mess,, but it all cleared up,, no wind, and was 55 or so the whole way! Another Fall perfect race day so to speak.

Fuel / Hydration:  Consumed two GU Gel packs and 30 ounces of H20 with a NUUN tablet.

Trail Condition: The trail was relatively easy to follow and the previous track was spot on. There was some good beta on All Trails about a few forks in the road. The last big climb came up a hill that was mostly leaves and the trail was not as easy to follow on the last portion of the loop. Also, there was a creek crossing that I had to get wet on but that was ok at the end.  I loaded it into the Garmin Connect platform and then downloaded a Pace Pro course file to a Fenix 6 Pro. The navigation ques were spot on. That Pace Pro course was set at 10 minutes to the good on the course record. The Strava CR/KOMs were icing on the cake. See the video for some good info on how that Ninja tool works.

This is a great FKT course. It goes up and down some awesome terrain, gets close to a few rivers with a couple crossings and is easy to access.