FKT: Henry Hampton - Chesapeake and Delaware Canal (Delaware) - 2020-12-29

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Total time
2h 24m 29s

I didn't go quite that fast on this FKT but fast enough to lay the groundwork for the next pair of fast feet that will run a little over a half marathon! This route is awesome, all paved with portions of new asphalt and concrete mixed in with a few sidewalks. The original routing was created on a gpx file that doesn’t recognize the new portions of the trail, so beware on the new paths when it says you might be off course.  It was brisk cold that morning but the sun came out and it was so beautiful along the canal, listening to the water the whole way and running under the 5 or so bridges. The end goes all the way to a corner of the park on the wharf with a bench and a tree. I consumed a gel pack every 45 minutes and about 30 ounces of h20 with Nuun mixed in. this FKT has the ability to become very fast and quite possible a out and back in the future. Awesome day!