FKT: Henry Hampton - Skyline Trail - Beavers Bend (OK) - 2020-11-24

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 31m 8s

The FKT ninja strikes!

Ha Ha,, I was wearing all black mostly so it seemed appropriate,, and I was a huge ninja fan as a kid growing up.. going to use it..

Weather: There was a slight amount of mist that morning and the temperature was optional! 51 degrees F. The leaves were slightly damp from rain the previous night but did not present any issues.

Fuel / Hydration:  Consumed two GU Gel packs and 30 ounces of H20 with a NUUN tablet.

Trail Condition: The trail was easy to follow and I loaded it into the Garmin Connect platform and then downloaded a Pace Pro course file to a Fenix 6 Pro. That Pace Pro course was set at 10 minutes to the good on the course record. The Strava CR/KOMs were icing on the cake. Most of hard climbing is in the beginning.

This is a great FKT course. It meanders through the woods and would be a pleasant run during the summer/spring as well. There are some fun things to do in the park,, hint fly fishing!!