FKT: Hugh Beedell - Cross Bucks Way (United Kingdom) - 2021-01-22

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 33m 50s
GPS track(s)

Beautiful day for it! Sunny skies all day and a frosty start which helped as it was gonna be wet on the trails. Felt strong throughout with plenty of fuel (tailwind, granola bars, dried fruit and some cake for a treat)

Lots of mud/bogs/ponds on the trail; covered to the knee in mud by the end of it! (check strava for pics). Worst point for the mud was mile 20, get ready for it

Some big diversion due to rail works that will be ongoing till 2023; I found my own diversion's however lots of bramble bushes and fences hopped, but have some better alternatives if people are interested in doing it, mile 3.5 after Marsh Gibbon take a right and join onto the road then you can rejoin the path where I did at mile 5.1, and then at mile 13.5 after Addington (and Addington Manor) take a left up to the A413 and follow that to Furze Lane to get into Winslow.

With the extra diversions I ended up covering 26.5 miles so be prepared.

A lovely finishing point on the canal that will be even better once the pubs can open again (the Globe pub 200m from the finish)