FKT: Hugh Beedell - North Bucks Way (United Kingdom) - 2021-02-23

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5h 37m 57s

A beautiful day out on the Bucks trails again! Quite muddy at parts, especially miles 29-32 coming into MK, and also some fields with some very sticky mud. Other than that the sun made it a well rounded enjoyable run.

Easy to navigate at major turning points with lots of signage (footpath markers and large signs, check the strava link for all the photos). Only issue I had was with 2 miles left coming through Milton Keynes through the housing estate, go straight through the shops and follow the tunnel under the road, you’ll see on my gpx where I went back and fourth! Also going through Waddesdon there’s a diversion where I followed the path until the closure then followed round onto the road. 

The major hills are going through Eythrope Park (where it’s also very muddy) and then after Quainton, the latter you get some really nice views on the route you’ve just taken all the way back to the Ridgeway. Also as it starts on the Ridgeway you have a nice fast first mile with it being being mostly downhill. 

You pass through plenty of pretty towns and villages such as Quainton with plenty of shops and always a pub, so would be nice in the summer once things have opened up! And also like the other FKTs (Cross Bucks Way and The Aylesbury Ring) lots of beautiful churches.