FKT: Hunter Leininger - S.C.A.R. (TN, NC) - 2022-10-16

Route variation
Double S.C.A.R.
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1d 23h 56m 5s
GPS track(s)

Wow, where do I even begin, this run gave me countless memories and incredible lessons, I'll be sure to share everything that I experienced in the next few days over on my Instagram hunter_leininger! Going into this endeavor I had 4 main goals, Goal 1: Finish the Double at all costs (since I failed 2 years ago) Goal 2: Beat the Overall FKT! Goal 3: Be the first person to ever finish in under 2 days! Goal 4: give it my all (with dozens of massive blisters on my feet, swollen knee, and a sprained ankle just to list a few issues that were going on, I somehow found the strength to dig deep and run the last marathon way faster than I could have ever imagined in order to finish under the 2 days!! Dare I say this was the hardest FKT that I've done... I'll elaborate a lot more on why later!! Thank you so much to everyone in this community for the overwhelming support and I'm honored to be among so many legends that have done this route, the double is such a tricky thing to comprehend how tough it is until you do it yourself so shoutout to everyone that has completed it no matter the time!!