FKT: Iain Ridgway - Belknap Range (NH) - 2020-06-25

Route variation
double traverse
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 49m 39s

Warm day, clear but not much water running at all. Started around 7:30 am, temps were in the 60's and quite pleasant but ended up in the low 80's. filtered from round pond twice and the pond at Gunstock Resort. Rough route over the Quarry Trail, but adds nice variation. Lots of trail options so was checking the map lots, it's quite easy to take a wrong trail. First time in the Belknaps, really nice area. Quite a lot of time to come off this yet. Wasn't clear from the GPX track if the route descended from Mt Rowe down the access road or the running trail as they run close by each other, I went down the running trail and back up the access road. In general trails are easy to follow, it is just easy to go onto other trails.

Ended up with 23.25 miles and 7385 feet, only made a few short mistakes navigation wise so think it's pretty accurate.