FKT: Ian Hosek - Table Mountain (WY) - 2020-08-31

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North Fork round trip
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Total time
2h 13m 24s
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Ran up the Northern Trail route of Table Mountain (USFS 024) to the summit and back down, I used the parking barriers as the starting and ending point (pictured).  I sumitted in 1:22 and descended in about 48 minutes.

Legs were heavy on the climb but the terrain was a nice grade and very runnable. Saw 3 moose within the first 2 miles and a fox at the start.  It started snowing just as I crested the ridge and the winds weren't too bad (~10-15mph). Smashed my shoulder into a rock during the tight squeeze at the top, sumitted, and then promptly tried to freeze my face as I descended into the wind. Rolled my ankle a little way into the descent but found the flow state and rallied. Started raining in the last 20 minutes and almost face planted into a boulder to remove all my teeth. Thankfully caught myself and then promptly took more caffeine to finish