FKT: Isabelle König - Lech Höhenweg / LechErlebnisWeg (Germany) - 2023-05-28

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10h 50m 3s
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Today I run the Lech Höhenweg / Lech Erlebnisweg in Germany from Landsberg to Füssen. In total, I ran 87,25 kilometers in about 10 hours and 50 minutes. I felt pretty good the whole day, but my feet and legs are quite sore now and need a little rest.

My boyfriend supported me. He ran about 6 kilometers with me and supplied me with food and water at 4 "aid stations" every 15-20 kilometers. Besides, he drove me to Landsberg and catched me up in Füssen by car. 

I slightly changed the course in comparison to Benjamin Weber who ran it before in 2020: I added an extra kilometer as I run through the so called "Drachenschlucht" which is one part of the Lech Höhenweg. Apart from that, I took the same course as Benjamin Weber.