FKT: Isaiah Norton - The Priest & Three Ridges (VA) - 2023-09-20

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4h 31m 56s

I ran the priest and three ridges loop starting at the gravel parking lot off of crabtree falls highway. I started running up three ridges on the Appalachian trail and turning back onto Mau-Har trail completing the lollipop loop. I then continued on the AT running past the parking lot and up to the priest shelter. Hitting the sign and running back down the mountain to the start.

This run was perhaps one of the most humbling and difficult things I have ever attempted. From multiple falls, bleeding, mental mind games, and navigating extremely difficult terrain I actually accomplished the run.  I went out there with just myself and all I brought with me was a liter of water w/ electrolytes from home a couple of apple sauce packets and my trekking poles. I ran the entire thing by myself WITHOUT ever stopping for any supplies throughout the entire run. The photos at the end were taken by some through hikers I met when I finished.