FKT: Isobel Ross - Victorian High Country 7 Peaks (VIC, Australia) - 2021-04-25

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2d 19h 22m 12s
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I ran this course as a solo female, supported. I had pacers for each leg, but carried my own pack, water and nutrition. I had support out on the course with food and a chance to rest at designated 'aid stations'. 

I had previously run different parts of some of this course, but this was the first time running it all as one point-to-point. Some parts of the course I had never been on before.

I started at 4am Friday 23rd April 2021 and finished Sunday 25th April 11.22pm. I started off at a moderate pace to ensure I could make it to the finish, as I had never gone this far before. The first peak was Mt Bogong, which was freezing with strong winds and snow everywhere from the cold snap the previous day. The wind chill was well below 0 degrees Celsius.

 I experienced nausea from about 30kms and had a hard time of it till about 68kms (getting Mt McKay and Hotham in there), where a quick stop and real food helped me to feel better. I was three peaks down at that stage with 4 more to go. Feathertop was difficult in the dark, and it was good to get down into Harrietville and onto the road. The road ended up being really hard on my feet! I slept for 45 minutes at Eurobin Picnic area which refreshed me somewhat for the out and back of Mt Buffalo. This took all day, but The Horn was worth it!

After Buffalo, it was back out onto the road, but mostly dirt road which was easier on the feet. The run through Scotchman’s Creek was steep and relentless so good to get done in the dark so I couldn’t see the hills! Another river crossing and I was Abbeyard. I tried to sleep here but couldn’t because of the pain in my shins. I got up and pushed on.

The run through to Cobbler Lake was fire road but beautiful country. After Cobbler Lake I started to feel a bit weird and spaced out, probably from lack of sleep. I ran into King Hut and lay down to reset my brain. I couldn’t sleep but rested for about 10 minutes. I got up and started the climb up to Mt Stirling. I hit this peak in the dark, and the weather had turned very cold and windy, though not as bad as Bogong had been.

After Stirling, it was back down into the valley then up through the Mt Buller Village to the peak of Mt. Buller, also cold and windy, which was very fatiguing. But I had made it!! 291kms in 67 hours, 22 minutes, and 12 seconds.