FKT: Ivana Kolaric - Burj Al Arab to Burj Khalifa (United Arab Emirates) - 2021-05-02

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59m 28s
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This was my first "Burj to Burj" attemp and first FKT attempt. I got encouragement by my friend Luke Nolan who set the first FKT in UAE t. I followed the gpx file he submitted. Started from Burj Al Arab, down Jumeirah Beach Road, Al Wasl Road to Dubai Canal, over tolerance Bridge continued on the other side of canal, under the Sheikh Zayed Road, taking a left through Business Bay and into Downtown and crossing the intersection through Burj Khalifa Road finally to reach the entrance of Armani Hotel and touch the building itself.

The evening was windy and slightly humid and traffic was busier than usual as it was Iftar time (holy month of Ramadan) which force me to slow down as there were many traffic light on the way.

My friend Luke Nolan took a photo of me just before I started the run and was waiting for me at "finish line" to take some more photos.

I carried a waist belt with one flask of water but because of the adrenaline and excitement it didn't come to my mind to drink any of the water I carried with me. 

It was a great experience overall and I can't wait to discover more routes and set some new FKTs.