FKT: J. Taylor Bell - Buller Huts Trail - 2023-03-04

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1d 12h 50m 37s

Finished this trail counter-clockwise, starting at first light on Mar 3 from the summit of Mt. Buller, and finishing just before sunset on Mar. 4 ending the loop at the carpark at the base of Buller's summit.

Some notes (in CCW order):

1. Howqua River is a wet crossing, presumably always.

2. King River is still high enough that your feet will get wet in one of the five crossings.

3. Leaving King Basin Rd. for McCormack's Trail, the .gpx file from the website has it listed a bit further west than where it actually is. It's very overgrown and choked with thick blackberry bramble as well, especially on the 2nd half once you've crossed Circuit Rd. I might recommend waiting until after fall to try it, or after someone has come in and given this trail a little love, as I also saw two highland copperheads in this section that were very hidden.

4. All of the water sources listed on the website, and on Trailhiking's website, are accurate. But the water tank at Craig's Hut is currently dry. There's good flowing water 1.6km before Craig's Hut from a spring about 50m into the Craig's Hut Walking Trail. Also it's currently flowing across the Clear Hills Track about 1.8km after Craig's Hut.