FKT: Ja Shua Ried - Cranberry Lake 50 (NY) - 2018-09-30

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
8h 40m 22s

A Sawyer water filter is essential. I encounters lots of moose and bear prints and scat, but surprisingly did not encounter a predator (though a bear came to my lean-to the night prior). Pay attention to trail markers but don't be too quick to turn around as some areas have stretches where a marker was not seen for a few minutes. Beginning in Wanakena and traveling clockwise may be the most enjoyable and fastest way. I missed the left turn for the white bridge in wanakena at mile 48. I ran straight on the road looking in the distance for a marker since I had encountered such stretches in the woods, so look to the left for that bridge and CL50 markers once you take the right on the road in wanakena around mile 48