FKT: Ja Shua Ried - Hunter Mtn Loop (NY) - 2021-05-19

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1h 23m 10s
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Done Counter-Clockwise, starting from the Yellow Gate on the carriage road next to the Hunter Mtn. / Rusk parking lot.  Beginning at the gate, you run 100 meters of the carriage road out to Spruceton Rd (paved) and turn left, running roughly 300 meters before linking up on the trail to Diamond Notch, and another 1000 meters later linking up on Devils Path for the ascent up Hunter.  After roughly 1700 ft. of climbing is the Right hand turn off for SW Hunter.  It's a very well established herd path and other than for a few down trees and quick little turns, it's fast and fun running.  *If you get to the Lean-To before the herd path turn off, you've gone too far; the turn off is roughly 400 meters before the lean-to*.  After the herd path you get back on DP until you pass the Lean-To, where you stay left and get on a yellow marked trail for the steady, mellow climb to the tower.  Mike says the tower climb is mandatory (I mean, it is the only view you'll get during the route so why not), I went up half way to get above treeline, snagged a quick video, and headed down.  It's 3.4 miles of very fast running down the carriage road the rest of the way. The Yellow Gate will be at the bottom of the descent. Let it rip!   Gear List: Shoes were VJ Ultras, Handheld was Hydrapak 500ml, waist belt was "Naked Running", nutrition was 4oz. of maple syrup, watch was Suunto Spartan Ultra, and heart rate monitor was Polar OH1