FKT: Jace Hinesly - Crestwood Stairs (WA) - 2021-09-01

Route variation
laps in 1 hour
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Total time
59m 53s

30.5 laps, or 30 full laps, however fkt would like to count it. I saw this route while browsing and had a day trip nearby so went for it. Had no idea how long the staircase was but scoped it right beforehand. I ended up going a lot harder than I thought I would. I got the 2 min per lap thought in my head early on as the current record was 26 laps and I knew if I lost track I might be able to count off time. I was just barely behind 2 min per lap much of the first bit so I put down a surge ascent every 5 or 10 laps to regain the average. I always did a double step on the long sustained section near the bottom and did single steps most of the time otherwise. I skipped a bunch on all the downs. The .5 is because I started at the bottom, got 30 laps but had time to make it to the top within 60 mins, hence half a lap. 

I at 1 gel and drank 16 oz water. It got hot! I shared the steps with 3 people doing repeats for a while then some other park goers randomly. Phew, cool. :)