FKT: Jack Kuenzle - Mt Tallac (CA) - 2022-01-26

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53m 55s

Tallac RT FKT, I think. Going to poke around but don’t think anything is faster. 46:00 ascent via northeast bowl. End of the spring creek road network to the true summit. 

Shitty skin track throughout, had trouble putting power down. Didn’t use ski crampons. In some places it was just edge marks on windboard. Photos of conditions in my Strava TR. Initial bit in the trees was rain crust chaos but above was variable corn and hard wind board. Stuck to the wind affected shit on the way down. Slid out a handful of times on the skinner and had three enormously shitty kick turns that cost me some time. And had a crampon pop off on the boot pack. 

Boot pack was awesome, I’d been refining and packing it in over this week. Boot packed like the final 1200 or so. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this being my first ski race effort. Just happy mainly I didn’t crash on the way down, although it was close.

On starting/finishing location: Got on Spring Road and just kept taking lefts. Started just off the small spur closest to the summit (I guess that's Yurok Rd?). Started about ten feet to the summit looker's right of the asphalt, near the end of the road, just on the other side of the snow bank and debris from plowing. I finished in the same location. I submitted this variation to the site and I don't think start and finish matter very much as long as you are level with the road and reasonably close. Interestingly with Tallac, the trickiest part of this effort is just getting out of the woods initially and back through them at the end. It was all ice in there and super tree bombed.