FKT: Jack Kuenzle - Old Rag Mtn (VA) - 2020-10-23

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Standard route
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Total time
1h 2m 57s

Came out a little hot, could have paced the initial climb better. Passed a couple of people but it was fairly light (730 on a Friday). Never waited for anyone on the route. Scramble went smooth and hit the sign at the summit at 36:48. Climb was ~2:00 under previous record. Not sure what the “First Overlook” was that the previous dudes were talking about, could be two different spots, IMO. Decent technical downhill, nothing special. Final non technical miles were a little annoying, need to work on my flat speed, definitely time to cut here. I believe both the previous records did the last 2-3 miles faster than me.

To anyone looking to break this, I’d definitely do it when the course is dry and doesn’t have a lot of people on it. Summer 2020 a second parking lot was added and there are often big lines on the scramble. There are some minor reroutes that are possible to circumvent chokepoints. I’d definitely practice the scramble a couple of times.