FKT: Jackson Cole - Crestone 14er Group (CO) - 2019-08-12

Gender category
Route variation
Peak & Needle only, TH-to-TH
Finish date
Total time
5h 56m 49s

I had head that there used to be a bandit race across the Peak and Needle, so if anyone knows of a faster time they should totally add it!

Started at the 2WD TH. 
:27 upper South Colony TH 
:56 Old 4WD TH 
1:40 Broken Hand Pass 
2:40 Crestone Peak 
3:29 Crestone Needle 
5:15 Old 4WD TH 
5:56 2WD TH

I ended up screwing up the down climb from the Needle, and wasted roughly 40-45 minutes fumbling around there. I think a sub 5 hour time on this route is possible!