FKT: Jacob Boyd - Juan de Fuca Marine Trail (BC, Canada) - 2021-08-28

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5h 10m 33s
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(copy and pasted from strava)

Juan de Fuca 5:10:32.4

Idk if it was the bears I saw there or the sloppy gpx track I was following but I missed the exit off sombrio wasted approx 15 minutes on the rocks and lost my cool. Thought it was all over, scrambled up some salal, found the trail and sent it. A clean, sub-5, mistake free run would be nice, but also, pushing my self like I did was a cool bit of self affirmation.

Spilled on a ladder bridge 5 k from finish.

The story behind this concept is that my tree planting season ended early (July 7), and I was left with the summer open. I had ideas on FKTs for the NCT and WCT but Juan de Fuca seemed like the right place to start. So ya put in a big 5 week training block, with and emphasis on improving climbing ability and endurance, and well as running technical terrain, did a one week taper and here we are.

S/O to my dad for picking me up at the finish and making this possible.

But also I really want to thank my high school socials teacher and creator of the Templeton Secondary outdoors club, Gerry Kunniss. I first did the WCT and JDF through the outdoors club. Mr. Kuniss was also the first to tell me about people running these trails. He also taught me about what was possible with training but more importantly good planning. Thanks Mr. Kuniss.

Gear: NB split short, NB shirt, (and NB socks yo!) Nathan adjustable zipper running belt, handheld Salomon 500 ml water bottle (filled 5-6 times at creeks), 1x honey stinger chews, 3x honey stinger caffeinated chews, Saucony peregrine 11.

Pacing: After studying Scott Maguires and Matts runs, intentionally set out a bit slower. I wanted to get to Sombrio @ 3 hrs and then turn on the jets after that.