FKT: Jacob Cooper - Reno to Rose (NV) - 2019-10-26

Gender category
Route variation
Reno Arch to Summit
Finish date
Total time
4h 24m 33s

A few photos on Strava.

I was able to improve upon the FKT that I established last year with some improved running, and also from scouting the route a bit more and finding a slightly more direct route. This route is run on a Jeep road for several miles before going off trail for about 1 mile to connect with the Rim to Reno trail for several miles before going off trail again for the final push to the summit. My view of this FKT is that one should run as fast as possible between downtown Reno and Mount Rose, regardless of the route. Each runner should be free to choose the route that best suits their running strengths and their own knowledge of the local trails and terrain to find their own best route. I also don't really think there should be a "Trailhead to Summit" variation. When the route transitions from road to trail, that isn't really a trailhead for Mount Rose. It's mostly just where a road dead ends, and opens up to a bunch of Jeep roads. There is a well-known Mount Rose summit trailhead on HWY 431 about 20 miles south of Reno that summits Mount Rose from the south. It's a well traveled trail that is about 5 miles to the summit.

Admin note:  Cooper's TH-Summit time look to be just about 3h33m06s, which is the FKT for that shorter route as well.