FKT: Jacqueline Florine - John Muir Trail (CA) - 2005-09-02

Route variation
north to south
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6d 12h 27m 0s

Jacqueline Florine set the women's unsupported FKT on the JMT, 6d6h53m from Happy Isles to Mt. Whitney Summit (6d12h27m TH to TH), set Aug. 27 - Sept. 2, 2005. Her trip report is here. Note that Florine used the Mist Trail out of Happy Isles, rather than the "official" JMT route, and from the summit of Whitney she descended via the Mountaineer's Route.

Even urban mothers of two have dreams. Mine was of danger walking in the Sierra’s. In the dream this mother no longer bossed, corralled, cajoled, instructed, vacuumed, or laundered. She just enjoyed miles of mountains, sky, rocks, trees, flowers, and water. Sitting in the comfort of home, I refined my strategy. Owing to my chronic under training, I thoroughly invested in my new motto, “In gear I trust.” I reviewed the latest gear specs. Then scrutinized every ounce. I ruthlessly cut straps and tags. To remove the water bladder pouch on my brand new backpack I don my high-powered reading glasses. Rummaging through the long unused big wall climbing gear, I retrieve my toothbrush. Its handle already shortened and drilled for lightness. Yes, I even weighed everything using a postal scale. I packed and repacked. The final outcome? A total pack-weight of twenty-three pounds. That included trail shoes, clothes and ten pounds of food. If I could repress my conservative nature and avoid carrying too much water between sources, I’d only have twenty-five pounds at most on my body. My husband witnessed this dance of planning and belief in gear over actual training and declared, “Just do it!” That's easy for a super freak to do. For this average Jill, I needed a secret weapon, the ipod shuffle! Oh, and an external battery pack, extra headphones, and batteries.  -- Jacqueline Florine